Majority of Grand Forks County reports short commute to work

Some days it seems like your commute to work is the longest in the world, what with the slow drivers and uncooperative stoplights.

For those going to living in Grand Forks County — whether driving, walking or anything in between — most are able to get to work in less than 15 minutes.

Others aren’t that lucky with commutes topping 60 minutes.

It’s all part of the census data I’ve been analyzing for a future story on county residents’ commute to work. Here’s a sampling below:

Commuting in this graph includes driving, public transportation, walking and those who work at home.

Thanks to a relatively low population, the longer commutes here seem to be more about distance and less about traffic jams.

Perhaps you’re commute takes 20 minutes longer than your coworker’s because you have to take the bus. Or maybe you have to drive more than an hour just to get to work.

If you or someone your know makes a commute that is 30 minutes or more to work, I’d be interested in speaking with you/them for a story. Contact me at or call (701) 780-1108.